Risk Management

The essential purpose of project risk management is to improve project performance via the systematic identification, appraisal and management of project-related risk. In CALTROP’s view, project risk management is an indispensable component of successful project management.

CALTROP’s project risk management service is a process that encompasses all the stages of a project life cycle – an organized assessment and control of project risks, and the exploitation of opportunities. We interact closely with our clients to help deliver projects on time and within budget.

Knowledge Transfer

CALTROP offers training in risk management designed to meet the precise requirements of its clients –training in the basic skills and advanced programs for more experienced risk professionals. We can integrate with your team on the projects we undertake together. This arrangement provides learning on actual projects, complementing the training courses.

Project Insurance Consulting

CALTROP provides insurance consulting services to help clients formulate, evaluate and select the right insurance program for the insurable risks of their projects. Our services include feasibility studies and recommendations for insurance program design, implementation and administration. Our advice is always objective because we derive no financial benefit from subsequent insurance transactions by brokers.

Risk Management Projects

For more information contact:
Maria Rodriguez-Molina
Risk Manager
(510) 292-9055