International Pipeline Services

CALTROP offers a broad range of consulting, engineering, inspection and testing services focused specifically on pipelines. We provide comprehensive services to meet regulatory, insurance, industry and environmental protection requirements. CALTROP has proven consulting experience providing advice for risk management, best industry practices and governmental regulation compliance mandates. Our engineers and inspectors have a solid reputation for providing accurate and state-of-the-art materials integrity solutions for the pipeline industry. We are knowledgeable of the latest standards and regulations, ensuring a proactive approach to compliance. We assist utilities and operators in both Construction Supervision and In-service Evaluations in support of mechanical integrity and maintenance programs for both transmission and distribution lines, in addition to supporting the necessities of industrial facility piping systems.

 CALTROP’s international Construction Supervision services include third party quality assurance activities for welding inspection, Nondestructive Testing (NDT), materials engineering and construction management during new installations and repair or replacement activities. Our staff includes experts with extensive experience in confirming adherence to welding procedures and compliance with approved inspection and test plans for the pipeline industry.

CALTROP’s international Pipeline Services Group provides specialized inspection techniques and technologies for a full range of buried and above ground pipeline systems. Our engineering experts present cost-effective solutions to critical pipeline maintenance and repair issues.

For more information contact:
John Kinsey
International Division Manager
U.S. Cell: +1(858)633-0457 | China Cell: +(86)138-1698-4722

John Gentry, PE
Lead Structural Materials Representative
(619) 433-2514

Ed Salazar, PE
Area Manager, Los Angeles
(909) 256-8140