Verizon New Site-Build Project

Verizon’s new site-build in Sacramento, Marin and Santa Cruz include 100 percent new builds (rooftops, raw lands and colocations). CALTROP completed A&E designs for 13 sites in 2015. Services included search ring evaluations, identifying candidates (at least 3), feasibility package submittals, site design visits, photo simulations, surveys, FAA / 1A certifications, title orders, title review summaries, biweekly deployment meetings, client database updates, civil reviews with client (onsite or virtual), site lockdown, A&E services (ZD’s & CD’s), lease package and negotiations, lease legal review initiation, pre-application meetings with planner,  zoning file submittal packages per jurisdictional requirements, zoning hearings and planning meetings, JX report orders, EME regulatory requests, CPUC filings, NEPA orders, geotechnical orders, structural orders, tower and foundation design orders, telco and power walks, BP file and BP pull, NTP, construction management and closeout packages.

LOCATION: Sacramento, CA
CLIENT: Verizon Wireless
CONTRACT VALUE: $1.2 million


  • New Build Sites on Raw Land
  • 41 Sites Issued to CALTROP


  • Search Ring Evaluation
  • Feasibility Packages
  • Site Design
  • Photo Simulations
  • Surveys
  • FAA / 1A Certifications
  • Title Order and Review Summary
  • A&E  Services (ZD and CD)
  • Civil Review (Onsite or Virtual)
  • Site Lockdown
  • Structural
  • Geotechnical Soils Reports
  • Environmental Orders (NEPA)
  • EME Regulatory Orders
  • Jurisdictional Reports
  • Zoning File
  • Zoning Approval (to include zoning hearings and planning meetings)
  • DSA Filings for School Districts (zoning and BP)
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Power and Telco Walks
  • Tower and Foundation Design
  • Building Permit
  • NTP (Notice to Proceed)
  • Closeout Packages