U.S. Highway 50 HOV Lanes

As El Dorado County continues to grow, the county is delivering highway and roadway improvements to the traveling public. The project under this contract was Phase 1 of the county’s goal to continue HOV access on U.S. 50, ultimately to Greenstone Road. This project involved constructing approximately seven lane miles of HOV lanes in six stages of construction. The scope of work included: removing two existing bridges; construction of two precast, prestressed concrete box girder bridges; widening of two existing concrete T-beam girder bridges; removal of an existing layer of OGAC surfacing by grinding; construction of roadway structural sections; construction of multiple drainage systems; SWPPP and erosion controls; highway lighting; concrete median barriers; traffic signal modification; construction of overhead sign structures; a final rubberized OGAC overlay; traffic signs; and pavement delineation.

In addition to providing inspection staff for the roadway construction, CALTROP provided a structures representative and structures inspector for the bridge and overhead sign construction.

LOCATION: El Dorado County, CA
CLIENT: County of El Dorado, Department of Transportation
PROJECT VALUE: $33 million


  • Bridge Widening and Replacement
  • Bridge Demolition
  • Construction of Seven Lane Miles of HOV
  • Staged Construction
  • Traffic Signal Modification
  • Bridge and Overhead Sign Construction


  • Construction Support Services
  • Construction Engineering
  • Structures and Roadway Inspection
  • Assistant Resident Engineering
  • Office Engineering
  • Construction Schedule Analysis
  • Constructability Review