SR-60 Moreno Beach Drive Interchange

The SR-60 / Moreno Beach Drive Phase 1 project site is located in the City of Moreno Valley, CA. Work for this project included realigning the SR-60 / Moreno Beach eastbound off- and on-ramps, adding an eastbound auxiliary lane, installation of a new traffic signal at the new intersection of the eastbound ramps and Moreno Beach Drive, addition of a retaining wall and ramp metering, extension of Eucalyptus Avenue to Moreno Beach Drive, modification of the traffic signal at the intersection of Eucalyptus Avenue and Moreno Beach Drive, coordination of utility relocations, irrigation and related work.

The work was located within Caltrans right-of-way and included earthwork, grading, Asphalt Concrete (AC) paving, concrete retaining walls, roadway excavation, imported borrow, drainage pipes and minor concrete structures, concrete curb and gutter, traffic control, signing, striping, traffic and ramp meter signals, erosion control, EMWD water line relocation, overhead SCE relocation and related work.

CALTROP provided source inspection services for this project.

LOCATION: Moreno Valley, CA
CLIENT: City of Moreno Valley
PROJECT VALUE: $5.2 million


  • Interchange Improvement
  • Caltrans Right-of-Way
  • Traffic Signal Installation
  • Utility Relocation


  • Source Inspection