Orange Street and Alabama Street Bridges Over the Santa Ana River

The project replaced the existing facilities with two traffic lanes and a shoulder in each direction of travel on both bridges. A bike lane and sidewalk were constructed on the east side of the bridges. Several utility crossings and openings through the structure for both immediate and future use were also constructed. Close coordination with all components of the project was critical to the success of the project. CALTROP facilitated the coordination among the key players including the design team, City of Redlands, utility companies and Caltrans, as well as numerous businesses and local residents to ensure issues were resolved quickly. Construction activities took place in an environmentally sensitive area containing the endangered San Bernardino Kangaroo Rat (SBKR). In addition to attending specialized training, CALTROP coordinated with the City of Redlands to perform environmental mitigation monitoring of the contractor’s operations before and during construction. CALTROP also coordinated, enforced and monitored permits from the U.S. Fish and Wild Life Service, Department of Fish and Game, Water Quality Control Board and the San Bernardino Flood Control District.

As part of our comprehensive service to the City of Redlands, CALTROP provided community outreach support. Services included planning, coordinating, and implementing milestone events such as the initial groundbreaking and dedication ceremonies upon completion of each bridge.

LOCATION: Redlands, CA
CLIENT: City of Redlands
PROJECT VALUE: Orange Street Bridge: $5 Million; Alabama Street Bridge: $7.8 Million


  • Bridge Construction
  • Environmentally Sensitive Work Zone
  • Bike Lane and Sidewalk Construction


  • Constructability Review
  • Construction Management and Inspection
  • Utility Coordination
  • Community Outreach