I-15 Duncan Canyon Road Interchange

The City of Fontana, in cooperation with Caltrans, modified the existing two-lane Duncan Canyon Road Overcrossing, which is between the existing Summit Avenue and Sierra Avenue Interchanges, into a new four-lane interchange over the Interstate 15 (I-15). This new interchange addresses the need for additional access to the I-15 due to traffic volume increases, which will result from rapid growth in both population and industrial development projected during the next 25 years. This new Interchange will provide an additional access route across the I-15, which will reduce congestion and improve safety at the adjacent existing Summit Avenue and Sierra Avenue freeway interchanges. Duncan Canyon Interchange will pave the way for more than 1,580 acres of approved specific plan development. Commercial and office centers built adjacent to the interchange will create more than 16,000 jobs in addition to the tens of thousands of jobs in the construction industry during the next 10-15 years. Creation of jobs will occur in various industries including office, industrial, warehouse and retail.

CALTROP provided project management, construction management, source inspection, support engineering services and related project development services for the project for the City of Fontana.

CLIENT: City of Fontana
PROJECT VALUE: $25 million


  • New Interchange Construction
  • Interchange Improvements


  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Source inspection
  • Contract Administration
  • Roadwork Construction Inspection
  • Materials Testing
  • Construction Surveying