Hilltop Streetscape Project

Hilltop Drive is the gateway to hospitality and retail centers in the City of Redding. This street improvement and beautification project facilitated traffic flow and provided an attractive gateway of travel in the City for local merchants and travelers. The scope of work included placement of multiple utilities underground (conduits and vaults); landscaped medians; lighted pedestrian crosswalks; colored concrete on sidewalks; decorative light poles; traffic signal modification; and planting of palm trees. During the construction operations, all utility services were maintained, and access to all businesses was uninterrupted along Hilltop Drive.

CALTROP provided construction engineering and inspection services for work that involved transferring existing overhead utilities underground, constructing new sidewalks, installing new medians for channelization of traffic, grinding of the existing roadway and placement of an asphalt concrete surfacing; and providing landscaping inspection (i.e., irrigation and maintenance). CALTROP also provided public outreach services, which included physical visits to all business and residences in the area, publication of newsletters and the creation of a project website with frequent updates.

CLIENT: City of Redding
PROJECT VALUE: $4.6 million


  • Street Improvement / Beautification
  • Traffic Signal Modification
  • Pavement Enhancement
  • Landscaped Medians
  • Electrical / Utility Work
  • Underground Utilities


  • Construction Engineering
  • Inspection
  • Contract Administration
  • Materials Testing
  • Landscape Inspection
  • Office Engineering
  • Claims Management
  • Public Outreach