FlexFrame Orchestrator – Dubai

This project included planning and setting up of specialized IT infrastructure for SAP S/4 HANA deployment for a leading raw sugar refinery in Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

CALTROP’s services included collection and validation of data for project implementation; integration of new hardware into the customer’s data center environment; configuring hardware and software; updating software stack to required level; setting up database replication to DR site; conducting user acceptance tests on set milestones; imparting user training to local IT team; and providing documentation of the new infrastructure.

INDUSTRY: Raw Sugar Refinery and Export


  • Data gathering
  • Hardware deployment and configuration
  • Software deployment and configuration
  • Infrastructure high availability configuration
  • Data replication to DR site
  • Automotive failover for production database


  • Project scheduling
  • Site inspection
  • Hardware integration into customer’s environment
  • Virtual environment configuration and deployment
  • HA testing
  • Database replication to DR
  • DR failover and failback testing
  • Monitoring and alerting mechanism configuration
  • Knowledge sharing and end user training
  • Documentation