Construction Observation and Inspection

The City of Laguna Beach embarked upon its largest street resurfacing project ever undertaken. The project, which involved the resurfacing of 64 residential streets, required close coordination of contractor activities to minimize impact to the traveling public and local residents. The project involved cold milling, removal and replacement of asphalt pavement, full depth pavement reconstruction, PCC curb and gutter, traffic striping, loop detector replacement and utility adjustments. An estimated quantity of more than 36,000 tons of asphalt concrete was required to complete the project. Both Type B and Type C2 asphalt concrete mix comprised the ultimate pavement structural section.

CALTROP’s support team assisted the City of Laguna Beach in fully documenting pre-existing conditions of each street to verify utility locations and identify potential conflicts with contractor operations.

LOCATION: Laguna Beach, CA
CLIENT: City of Laguna Beach
PROJECT VALUE: $5.4 million


  • Major Pavement and Street Resurfacing Project
  • Resurfacing of 64 Residential Streets


  • Construction Management Inspection
  • Contract Administration
  • Office Engineering
  • Materials Testing