Bridge over the River Ebro

The 546 meters total span length of this bridge is divided into two areas. The first one corresponds to the approach span stretch, which is 162-meters long and is made of one 16-meter-long span and six 24-meter-long spans. The second area is 384 meters long. It becomes a great bridge over the river, made of six spans. Both areas are completely united with no joints between them.

The great Vierendeel girder has a total depth of 9.15 meters. The cross section has a trapezoidal shape. In the upper part, it has a maximum width of 16.56 meters while in the bottom part it reaches 12.90 meters. The webs have circular voids of a 3.80 meters diameter placed at every 6.0 meters. The width ranges from 0.50 meters and 0.60 meters in the area of supports. The bottom slab thickness ranges from 0.30 meters in the point of connection with the webs to 0.39 meters in the middle. It has a set of transverse beams with a circular elevation at every 3.0 meters with a trapezoidal cross section whose thickness ranges from 0.50 to 0.60 meters. In the upper part of the of the box girder, we introduce ribs with a circular elevation that follow the direction of the curved upper walls and keep their thickness.

Designer’s role in project and share of design entity: Manterola Javier, Chief designer. Conceptual and detailed design.

Owner’s name and reference contact: ADIF. (Spanish Railway Administration)

LOCATION: Osera, Spain
CLIENT: ADIF (Spanish Railway Administration)


  • High-Speed Railway Bridge
  • Spatial Vierendel. Type Truss Concrete Bridge
  • Surface Area: 5,200 Square Meters
  • Main span: 120 Meters
  • Total length: 546 Meters